Attaching Documents or Files

Unlimited numbers of any type of document can be linked to any other document. When the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is accessed linked documents will be displayed throughout the body of the SOP or as ‘Related Information’. These documents may be loaded in formats such as Word, Xcel, PDF, jpg and viewed with the appropriate software on the viewers computer.

Automatic Archiving

All documents are categorised, saved and archived in the sequence and positioning required to meet operational and audit requirements for review. All versions of all documents are automatically archived. 


The system software and all content is hosted on the ebizdocz® server in the data center and backed-up regularly and frequently.

Content for Compliance

ebizdocz® provides generic content which has stood the test of audit requirements many, many times. This generic documentation is supplemented with precise descriptors for the service specific requirements  for each individual organisation were such specialised customised information is required to meet a specific standard. Original authored content is also available through our experienced and qualified content writers.

Continuous Quality Improvement Reminders

Updating, passwords, reminders and other prompts can be set in accordance with the requirements of the various standards.

Document access and viewing 24/7

All SOPs, forms and formats can be accessed and viewed 24/7 anywhere, any time there is an internet connection.  Access reports record individual page views by user. The capability to sight access reports is an excellent compliance management tool for supporting your Quality Management System.

Document creation and control

The system automatically guides creators, authors and approvers to follow an approved document management format. This ensures a consistent SOP presentation and assists implementation and maintenance of ongoing operational systems.

Flexible Policy & Procedure Management

The ebizdocz® system with administrative rights can set authorities and permissions for all documents. Who can access them, which departments, staff groupings by designation and/or category.

Formatting tools

ebizdocz® uses Microsoft® Word as its integral software resource and all the MS formatting tools that MS word provides ensure a smooth transition from Word documents to web-based documents. 

Future Proofing

Using the ebizdocz® approach means that clients can future proof their business against loss of crucial business information through hard disc drive failure, misuse or misappropriation, sudden staff absence and other permanent loss through intranet or other IT failure.

Implementation support

As well as providing clients with a totally web browser based Quality Management System ebizdocz®  provides implementation support for organisations needing to meet accreditation or other best practice business requirements. This support is provided on the client's business site and through the various training media that ebizdocz ® has available.

Importing and exporting documents

ebizdocz®  will import your current manuals, documents, forms and formats electronically and upload to your unique web site. Although ebizdocz® is designed as a paperless Quality Management System, hardcopy resources can be accessed.

Interactive e-training & user compliance

The ebizdocz ® interactive e-training enables training for all staff to the Quality Management System. The automated reporting feature allows an organisation to record that staff do know what they need to know. Similarly, the system tracks and records individual staff access to individual SOPs and through the integrated e-training module enables staff to sign off that SOPs have been read and understood.

Internal and external links

Any part of a clients web site can be linked internally to other documents within or outside of a business unit. Links can be created to external web sites from inside the ebizdocz® system. This enables easy access to the most up to date information available from regulators e.g. Government Legislation web site. 

Multiple Business Unit systems

For multiple business unit sites ebizdocz ® allows clients to have dedicated business unit SOPs, shared SOPs or a combination of both. Permissions may be set for management and staff authorised to view specified sections. We call this consistency with autonomy – with ebizdocz® you can have it both ways.

Organisation changes, mergers and expansions

Organisations can manage changes to SOPs and Quality Management Systems and include name changes, mergers of business units, company re-organisations and expansions.  These changes will automatically update the generic organisational documents in the system. Additional designated merge fields can then be created to accommodate specific service delivery differences preserving the consistency with autonomy requirements of the organisation.

Review reminders

Where required an SOP can have an review reminder date stated. The frequency of reminders is managed by email notification. 

Search Function

A search engine function makes finding documents easy - taking seconds instead of minutes. Searches can be by SOP number, keyword, text or title.

Setting Permissions to update and review

Permissions can be set for any individual user access level. Users without the same level of permission will not be aware that other documents e.g. confidential security information exists.

Single authorised version control

The system provides a single authorised version which automatically updates the previous version's unique identification number. The previous version is then automatically archived.

The ebizdocz ® site security is provided by Thawte security. The site and systems are encrypted and provide high level security. Various user security login and password security features are available to meet clients' needs along with access permission settings. The ebizdocz® systems are designed to protect your investment.

Technical Specifications

ebizdocz® uses Microsoft .Net software operating within a Microsoft® SQL database management system. ebizdocz® primarily operates as a Software as a Service software solution to any size of enterprise. 

Totally Web browser based Online Software as a Service

The ebizdocz® system is totally web browser based – no specialised software other than Microsoft® Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or similar browser software is required for staff to access their organisation's polices & procedures anywhere in the world.  

User reports

A purpose designed reporting format provides information about author and approver activity as well as user access by individual document and date time periods.